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What's all about?

This is a site for do-it-yourself Christmas Lighting decorators -- especially those who are interested in computer animated Christmas lighting. But you'll also find information for other hobbies and seasons such as animating props for Halloween, for example. If we're lucky, maybe some good, clean jokes, too! We'll see what transpires but our goal is to have fun, share information and explore the world the DIY way...   And our chat room is one of the most active you'll find anywhere -- especially in the fall leading up to Christmas! Our forums also host many of the leading-edge developers and inventors in the diy world of Christmas lighting and we're proud to cultivate those relationships. 

DIY-U - DIY University
We've built a reference section for common electronic parts and circuits -- how they work, how they're used in DIY lighting -- to take some of the mysticism out of the magic of computer animated Christmas lighting. DIY-U continues to expand with sections on how to home-etch circuit boards, how to design circuit boards, etc. all explanations are in layman's terms. We also have an extensive WIKI, chock-full of "how-to" information for building props and more. Our hope is that these resources, combined with the forums, will encourage "out of the box" thinking and help DIY'ers to create new gizmos and expand the hobby.

But I'm a newbie - will I fit in?
YES! All of our members were newbies once, and you'll find is a very welcoming place for anyone that's getting started in this hobby -- whether you just want to hang a few lights or if you want to go all-out with a wild and crazy animated display. C'mon, join in the fun!

Does it cost to Join?
NO! Thanks to the generosity of many members, access to all our content is FREE! But... you still need to sign up and verify your registration via email to get all the member benefits. Click on the "Our Forums" picture above and at the main page, you'll find a link to "Sign Up" in the upper right corner of the screen.



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